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Recent Residencies

Las Vegas Downtown GRAND at Triple George (2 months)
Bar+Bistro @ Arts Factory (1 year and current)
Downtown Container Park (1 year and current)
Garfields Restaraunt (10 months)

Recently at one of our residencies A longtime fan was overheard saying to her table full of friends.. "These guys play everything"! Sparking the sense of challenge for a table member who starts throwing out requests to the musicians on stage.A collective ahh haa! Spreads throughout the crowd as Lounge Orphan Bassist/Vocalist Marija explains... we don't play Don't stop Believing, Wanted Dead or alive, Katy Perrys greatest hits etc... We leave that to the countless cover bands out there. They work hard and do a great job. We play the other stuff you know! Maybe not always the way you know it. We don't play the typical lounge play list.. This is why we are the Lounge ORPHANS.... 
This is where the AHHH HAA! came in.

I understand the "give the masses what they want" attitude will get you more fans. Like serving burgers and fries will get you customers in the US because thats what we all like. But does it all have to be the same burger? Cant we mix it up a bit? I played the general song list for years and wanted to move on to another playlist.. Still popular but what I like and share, what suits my voice not the playlist, it suits my personality not the playlist. I have a love for Art Rock so I get to play that even when I know it only appeals to a few but it is served with love and passion. We love classical music as well as Bluegrass so we throw a little of that in the mix. I love EDM and industrial rock, classic rock and so much more. We put our shows together with our audience in mind but with a mix of what in our list will make us all happy.

When I was growing up the radio stations were few so they played everything from Rock, Folk, Country, Western, Blues, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Comedy, Electronic and WOW!... You get the idea.. It was a diverse menu not a fast food drive thru. 

I realize our burger may not be your flavor, but you wont know until you try it.

Now Residency twice monthly at Bar Bistro Starts September 2014

The Lounge Orphans

Hi!  Here is a synopsis of the Live Music Duo The Lounge Orphans:
They were featured on the "Best Of Las Vegas" while just starting to
build their fan base that continues to grow with every performance.
Once you experience a show that includes "G" and Marija's eclectic set lists
you too may find you have joined the "Orphanage"!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
The Lounge Orphans utilize lots of technical gadgets but don't accuse them of performing to Karaoke tracks. They are accompanied by custom percussion arrangements produced in their own studio where they worked with many Grammy Award winning artists. 
G and Marija are both vocalists and multi instrumentalists born of Bohemian Taste, as Masters of the Live Mashup and personal interpretations, some tunes get remixed Latin style and other tunes get chilled to a smooth Jazz or Ultra Lounge feel, and some are closer to the original.
There are no limitations on the eclectic song list as The Lounge Orphans bounce around from one style to another due to their love of Music. 

Experience a show and enjoy a trip through the playlist that includes fan favorites -Lounge Orphans own sexy interpretation of Led Zeppelins "Black Dog",Coldplay's"Clocks"a la Gipsy Kings,  a A Surfrock version of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy",Oasis gone Ultra lounge, Adele Remixed Rhumba style, Frankie Goes to Hollywood Mashed up with One Republic as one seamless tune, The Yardbirds vs. Alex Claire, Metalica vs Henry Mancini, Acoustic Tony Bennett, Yes, Ingrid Michealson, Moody Blues, Train, Bob Marley, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Muse, Paco De Lucia, James Taylor, Michael Buble, Gaspar Sanz, Peter Gabriel, Blue Oyster Cult and so much more in a veritable Buffet of Musical taste.


2013 Inside Garfield's at Desert Shores


Lounge Orphans to kik-off Wild Fest in Las Vegas 09/20/13 3PM at Rio Hotel