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Mashroom is now available EVERYWHERE!!! 
While its hard to pigeonhole the original music on" Mashroom", the fact that its Rock based and undeniably artfully concieved, the best Genre to describe them is ArtRock. With great bands like Muse, Genesis and many others falling in this niche, The Lounge Orphans are in amazing company. This debut album has 7 tracks of atomic mass density.
The first track,"Soul Cry" is a Science fiction journey in a pseudo Reggae beat carrying the listener off this blue planet into a deep space electronic adventure. "Halo's Corona" intertwines middle east and native American beats pounding in a dancing rhythm pulsing with a consciousness expanding melody. "Dreamcatcher" cradles you with its lyrical poetry filled with classical tendencies. Smear became real when a friend brought a piece in that created a collaboration with the Lounge Orphans who added Lyrics, and rearranged the piece into the Gothic romance it was meant to be. Maui Rocks  came to shore under Hawaiian palms, twists and turns with its serpentine rhythms and variations on a theme eventually depositing you on a far off yet familiar beach, wrapping you in a blanket of lush vocals and Guitars. 
The Lounge Orphans are well known for their Live shows that include cover tunes that get mangled, deconstructed and reborn in different ways."Come as You /Light My Fire" is a mashup of two classic songs woven into a smooth transformation from one to the other and back again coming to a resounding resolution at the end. " Here Comes the Sun" is in itself the inspiration to perform with classical guitar layed softly in a bed of Percussion and Bass. 
Mashroom is Volume 1 of ?? The next volume releasing in 2016. You WILL be part of the OrFanAge. 

Born from an unassuming dusty basin in the desert southwest best known for neon, glitter, and lost
souls dreaming of a delusional 'Eldorado' size easy score at gambling tables, an Artist community emerged
from the underground into Downtown Las Vegas and with it,
A duo of stylistically unhindered musicians envisioned a music scene that would play beyond the local
market which was permeated with standard playlist tourist lounges, open mics and multi band showcase
nights in neighborhood bars.
Searching out an audience for their Eclectic Acoustic electronica-Rock and Latin hybrid remix style of
cover tunes accompanying their unique and original compositions proved a challenging vision quest.

Knowing they would likely have to find alternative avenues away from the
Clubs and lounges they Became "The Lounge Orphans".

With the ever-growing Street festival known as "First Friday", That Duo saw an opportunity to
experiment on large crowds whose only expectation was to experience something artistic and
still be entertained.
The 'main stage' at "First Friday" was the only outlet for musicians to showcase at the popular festival
since the Street Fair was a 6 hour long sequester. But not comfortable with the constraints of a
round robbin multi-band presentation, the Lounge Orphans volunteered their talent and their own equipment
to perform the long hours alongside the street artists (inside a tent with a bohemian lounge style decor)
for nearly five straight years.

The two called upon a background of tech savvy projects* to paint a broader canvas of sound  
incorporating technology heavy instrumentation with the use of effects on not only the guitars,
but on the vocals as well. A chorus of singers are realized by singing into a microphone that runs
through a device that takes the voice and multiplies it into many, giving the Lounge Orphans the
larger than live sound they are known for.
Custom written and recorded percussion tracks are often applied but other than drums, the Duo
performs with completely live guitars, bass and vocals. 

From the humble beginnings of the street performances, the word grew and the duo were hired for long
residencies in various venues whose owners were open to trying something different and even became a
consistent part of the experimental first year of the Downtown Container Park.

Their first album "Mashroom" is a collection of songs arranged recorded and produced by The Lounge Orphans
that includes several Mash up and remix styles of cover tunes along with original electronica/rock/flamenco compositions. 

*In previous projects, they had been known for their fearless outside the box performances partly by the song choices, compositions and arrangements but also for the use of cutting edge guitar and bass synthesizers. They toured the nation while constantly challenging the senses of listeners and industry professionals alike who heard keyboard heavy music but saw only guitars.

Performing at Festivals, Concerts, Special Events and Residencies